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Investor FAQ

  • Who are Rudolph’s customers?

    Rudolph’s customers are major logic, ASIC, and memory chip manufacturers. All of the top ten device manufacturers use Rudolph’s systems, as well as more than 50 others worldwide, representing most of the major semiconductor fabrication plants and foundries. A large percentage of Rudolph’s revenue is derived from customers outside the US.

  • When did Rudolph go public?

    Rudolph went public on November 12, 1999. The offering price was $16. The number of common stock shares offered, excluding over-allotments, was 4.8 million.

  • Have there been any follow-on offerings? When?

    Rudolph had a follow-on offering on February 15, 2001. The offering price was $45. The number of common stock shares offered, excluding over-allotments, was 1 million.

  • Which firms/analysts are currently following Rudolph?

    B.Riley & Co.
    Craig Ellis
    Credit Suisse
    John Pitzer
    D.A. Davidson
    Thomas Diffely
    Dougherty & Co., LLC
    Dick Ryan
    Steelhead Securities
    David Duley
    Sidoti & Co.
    Edward Roesch
    Stifel Nicolaus
    Patrick Ho
  • What is Rudolph’s ticker symbol?

    Rudolph stock symbol is RTEC.

  • On what exchange does RTEC trade?

    The common shares trade on NYSE.

  • How many Rudolph shares are outstanding?

    As of March 31, 2019, diluted weighted average shares outstanding for the quarter were 31,266,363.

  • Do corporate insiders use Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans?

    Yes, corporate insiders use these Trading Plans to facilitate liquidity and to achieve diversification goals.

  • How many independent Board members does Rudolph have?

    There are eight board members, seven of whom are independent. Their names and biographical information are located in the most recent Proxy Statement filed with the SEC.

  • Who are Rudolph’s independent auditors?

    The auditors are Ernst & Young, LLP.

  • How can I get copies of Rudolph’s SEC filings?

    Copies of Rudolph’s SEC filings can be found at the SEC web site.

  • Where is Rudolph incorporated?

    Rudolph is incorporated in the state of Delaware.

  • Where is Rudolph headquartered? Where are the Company’s other operations?

    Rudolph’s corporate headquarters are located at: 
    16 Jonspin Road, Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887

    Offices are maintained in Massachusetts (USA), Minnesota (USA), New Jersey (USA), New York (USA), Texas (USA), Washington (USA), the United Kingdom, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China.

  • Who is Rudolph’s transfer agent and registrar and how can I reach them?

    Rudolph’s transfer agent and registrar is AST. They can be contacted at

  • How do I contact Rudolph if I have other questions?

    Questions can be addressed to the following:

    Attention Investor Relations Department 
    Rudolph Technologies, Inc. 
    16 Jonspin Road 
    Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887

    (978) 253-6200 
    Fax (978) 658-6349 
    Or can be e-mailed to investor relations

  • How can I buy shares of RTEC stock?

    You may purchase shares of RTEC stock through a registered stockbroker or through a financial institution that provides brokerage services. Shares cannot be purchased directly from the company.

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